Energy-efficiency help for business

Chelan County PUD's energy-efficiency incentives can help business customers install better lighting, refrigeration and other improvements, providing significant cost savings.

  • EnergySmart Grocer - Whether you run a large grocery chain, independent store, restaurant or any facility with commercial refrigeration, we can help you find energy-saving opportunities.
  • EnergySmart Business - Chelan PUD is offering substantial incentives to make investments in energy efficiency projects affordable for businesses both large and small.
  • Light$mart - Incentives help customers modernize lighting at their shops and buildings by paying part of the cost.
  • Ductless heat pumps - Rebates are available for retrofit add-ons to buildings with non-ducted heating systems.
  • Irrigation pumps - If you have an irrigation pump that is served by Chelan PUD, it may qualify for an incentive to install a variable frequency drive (VFD).

Energy audits

Chelan PUD initiated an energy audit program in summer 2016. PUD contractors are conducting a limited number of audits at commercial buildings identified for their energy-savings potential. If your building is not part of this initial round of audits but you'd like to be considered in the future, contact us to be placed on a waiting list.

Local government initiative

Local government officials are encouraged to participate in a new Chelan PUD initiative to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings. Incentives are available to help local governments upgrade facilities and equipment.

Watch a quick video of the PUD-funded lighting upgrade at Town Toyota Center here:

Street lighting

In 2016, PUD contractors completed an inventory of all street lighting in the county. This inventory will help PUD staff evaluate the cost and benefits of upgrading to LEDs.

Questions? Email Scott Stanford or call (509) 661-4187.

Photo of parking lot light changeout
Brian Burns of Beckstead Electric replaces parking lot lighting with energy-efficient LEDs.