River Conditions

River Conditions: Above Rocky Reach & Rock Island dams

River systems are dynamic, and conditions change quickly, including water levels that fluctuate without warning due to river flow and other factors. Knowing river elevations (measured in feet above sea level) is important for anyone boating in the Columbia River reservoirs, recreating in the river parks and living along the river. We will provide as much information as possible about river levels to help you enjoy this community treasure.

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River Flow Management

Numerous factors impact river levels, including the amount of water delivered from upstream on the Columbia River, customer demand for energy and variable weather conditions. Updated tools and additional data will help the PUD provide information that is valuable for residents, irrigators and visitors. Chelan PUD’s operations are impacted by what upstream hydropower projects discharge, which are variable.

Chelan PUD is authorized under its federal license to operate the Rocky Reach and Rock Island Dams within the following elevation levels above each dam:

Rocky Reach: 703-707 feet

Rock Island: 609-613 feet

Graphic of Chelan PUD reservoirs
*PUD hydro projects

River Conditions FAQs

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Future estimates are based on available information and are subject to change at any time. River levels are measured in feet above sea level. Actual river levels may deviate from forecasted conditions.