Our Leadership

General Manager

General Manager Kirk Hudson reports directly to the commission and is responsible for the overall operation of the utility.


Kirk Hudson, General Manager

Senior Management Team

The general manager has established a Senior Management Team with broad functional capabilities to provide well-rounded management decisions in implementing commission policies and carrying out the PUD’s Strategic Plan. This team-based approach to executive management decision-making also helps ensure smooth succession planning as retirements occur in the coming years.


Brett Bickford, Managing Director - Generation and Transmission


Justin Erickson, Managing Director - District Services


Ian Fitzgerald, Chief Technology Officer

Image of Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan, Interim Chief Energy Resources Officer

Image of Mark Mullins

Mark Mullins, Interim Chief Financial / Risk Officer


Rebekah Neumann, Executive Team & Board Administrator

image of Rosario Nystrom

Rosario Nystrom, Managing Director - Human Resources


Bob Shane, Managing Director - Fiber and Telecommunications


John Stoll, Managing Director - Customer Utilities


Erik Wahlquist, General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer