Water Conservation

It Pays to Save

The more water you use, the more it costs. So it pays to save.

In the western United States, more than half of residential water goes on landscapes and lawns. Drought-tolerant gardening and Xeriscape™ promote creative approaches to water-conserving landscapes by helping people improve their soils, plant drought-tolerant flowers and shrubs, and use efficient irrigation techniques. Xeriscape can reduce your landscape water use by 60 percent or more.

Inside your home, there are many easy ways to save everyday. 

woman holding water hose in garden

Outdoor Water Audit

How wise is your outdoor water use? Take a quick quiz to see if you're a water warrior!

Water Audit

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Water Use Calculator

Where does all your water go? Understanding where and how much water you use if the first step in starting to conserve.

Water Check-Up

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Indoor Water Saving Tips

Check out our simple water-saving tips for your home. They're easy and help save money on your water bill.

Save on Water

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Low-Water Landscape Tips

Live in a desert? You can still enjoy a beautiful, flowering oasis in your yard without wasting water. Here's how!

Water-Wise Tips

outdoor faucet leaking water

Potential Water Leak Notice

Chelan PUD's automated meter reading equipment provides many advantages, including the ability to alert the PUD to potential water leaks. How does it work?

Water Leaks

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Water, Use It Wisely

Check out the resources from our friends in Arizona. They have great practical tips and more for desert living with lower water bills.

Use It Wisely

For More Information

Contact us if you have more questions on reducing your water waste. 

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