Water Leaks

Chelan County PUD’s automated meter reading equipment provides many advantages, including the ability to alert the PUD to potential water leaks.

The metering equipment is programmed to detect when water has failed to shut off for at least one hour during any 24-hour period. These alerts could indicate a continually running toilet, for example, or they could simply mean that a homeowner left a faucet dripping to keep pipes from freezing during a winter cold spell.

If a possible leak is indicated during a monthly meter read, a letter is sent to customers. The purpose of the letter is simply to make customers aware of the possibility of a leak, and to suggest how to determine whether a leak exists. If you know of another reason for your water to run continuously, please let us know and we will discontinue your monthly notices.

Find information on how to check for and repair sources of leaks in your home in our Related Links box. You may also wish to contact a plumber.

If you don’t find an obvious household leak, contact our Water Department by email or call (509) 661-4254.