Park and Trail Etiquette

Every day, people are enjoying our parks – biking, jogging, skating, walking pets, playing sports and much more. The PUD wants to provide a high-quality experience, ensure people’s safety and protect these valuable community resources. Chelan PUD parks are here for everyone!

There are simple things we all can do for each other:

  • Be safe – Keep your trail speed under 10 mph, especially in congested areas
  • Give people a heads-up when passing
  • When you’re passing – use a bell ring or an “on your left” alert
  • Be courteous – use no more than half the trail when you’re in a group, pushing a stroller, or with a pet
  • Clean up after yourself and your pets
  • Be respectful of private property and neighbors bordering our parks

More Trail & Parks Tips

Pets. Keep pets on 6’ or shorter leashes

Follow Traffic Signs and Signals. Use extra caution where trails cross streets and driveways. Stop at all stop signs and intersections. When entering or crossing a trail yield to traffic on the trail.

Stopping. When stopping, move off of the trail. Beware of others approaching you from behind and make sure they know you are pulling over.

Pack It In, Pack It Out. Do not leave glass, paper, cans, plastic, or any other debris on or near the trail. If you drop something, please remove it immediately.

Alcoholic Beverages, Controlled Substances and Legend Drugs are Prohibited. Don’t overestimate the safety of the trail. You may need all of your reflexes quickly. Do not have them impaired.

The Nature Preserve portion of the trail on the east side will be CLOSED from DECEMBER 1 through MARCH 1 each year. (Apple Capital Loop Trail)

Trail hours. Enjoy the parks during open hours – dawn until dusk unless otherwise posted.

Report Suspicious Behavior. 

Be aware, river conditions can change at any moment.

Parking, Please park in designated areas only.

Swimming, please use designed swim area when enjoying the water.

Please park bikes, scooters, or other mobility devices off the trail

Join us in being good stewards of our parks by being mindful of our interactions with our friends and neighbors. Let’s keep them safe and fun. Chelan PUD parks are here for everyone! Like us on Facebook and share the videos!