Park and Trail Etiquette


While our trails remain open, Chelan County PUD encourages our community to follow safe social distancing. 

6 Feet. Stay at least this far from others. Keep it as you walk, play, bike or hike.

Hygiene. Wash your hands and carry sanitizer when heading to the trails. Do not use parks or trails if you have symptoms.

Portable Toilets
. For urgent use only. Restrooms are closed.

Plan Ahead. Bring your own water and snacks. Don't use public water fountains.

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Trail tips

Keep right. Stay as near to the right side of the trail as is safe, except when passing another user.

Use no more than half the trail when you are in a group or with a pet so as not to block the flow of other users. Wheeled participants (cyclists, bladers, skaters) must ride in single file unless passing.

Be Predictable. Travel in a consistent and predictable manner. Always look behind before changing positions on the trail.


Give an Audible Warning Before Passing. Always pass to the left. Give a clear signal by using voice, bell or horn before passing. Give the people you are passing time to respond. Watch for their reaction.

Pets Must be on a Leash. Pets and domestic animals are prohibited in designated wildlife and sensitive habitat areas.

Obey All Traffic Signs and Signals. Use extra caution where trails cross streets and driveways. Stop at all stop signs and intersections. When entering or crossing a trail yield to traffic on the trail.

Stopping. When stopping, move off of the trail. Beware of others approaching you from behind and make sure they know you are pulling over.

Be Respectful of Private Property. Trails are open to the public, but often the land adjacent to the trail is private property. Please respect all property rights.

Pack It In, Pack It Out. Do not leave glass, paper, cans, plastic, or any other debris on or near the trail. If you drop something, please remove it immediately.

Alcoholic Beverages, Controlled Substances and Legend Drugs are Prohibited. Don’t overestimate the safety of the trail. You may need all of your reflexes quickly. Do not have them impaired.

The Nature Preserve portion of the trail on the east side will be CLOSED from DECEMBER 1 through MARCH 1 each year. (Apple Capital Loop Trail)

Trail hours are dawn to dusk, unless otherwise posted. Unlit portions of the trail are for daylight use only.