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Electric rates at a glance

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 Rate Schedule 1 (residential)
 Monthly Basic charge $14.70
 Energy Charge 2.7¢ per kWh
 Rate Schedule 2 (commercial)
 Monthly Basic Charge (single phase) $19.20
 Monthly Basic Charge (three phase) $28.80
 Energy Charge (0-39kW demand) 3.00¢ per kWh
 Energy Charge (40kW and over) 2.65¢ per kWh
 Demand Charge (40kW and over) $2.70 per kW
 Rate Schedule 3 (primary industrial)
 Monthly Basic Charge $138.00
 Energy Charge 1.55¢ per kWh
 Demand Charge $3.55 per kW

*On August 21, the board approved new terms for Rate 35 and new rates and terms for Rate 36. Effective February 1, the rates will look as available here: RATE 35 or RATE 36.

 Rate Schedule 35 (high density load)
 Monthly Basic Charges
 Up to 300kW $150.00 
 300kW to < 1MW $630.00
 1 MW to ≤ 5MW $970.00 
 Monthly Demand Charges $6.20 per kW
 Energy Charge 3.04¢ per kWh
 Rate Schedule 36 (data centers and similar loads)
 Monthly Basic Charges
 Up to 300kW $150.00
 300kW to < 1MW $630.00
 1 MW to ≤ 3MW $970.00
Monthly Demand Charges (residential) $16.40 per kW 
Monthly Demand Charges (non-residential) $6.20 per kW
Energy Charge  $0.0304/kWh effective thru 5/31/24*


*The effective Energy Charge is recalculated at least annually in accordance with the provisions of this Rate Schedule 36. 

General power inquiries can be submitted here: Power Inquiry Form


Water rates (residential)

Basic Charge $38.90
First 3,000 gallons   $3.10 per 1,000 gallons 
3,001 to 10,000 gallons   $4.10 per 1,000 gallons 
Over 10,000 gallons $5.10 per 1,000 gallons 

Wastewater rates (residential)

Basic Charge $89.75 
Additional ERU(s)   $89.75 

Fees and Charges Increases

  • Changes to connection fees and charges take effective April 1, 2024
  • Click HERE to learn how these changes impact your project.

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