Park Shelter Reservations


PUD-operated parks remain open including trails, restrooms and boat launches.
Check here before you head out:

 Beebe Bridge Campground
The campground opened June 11, 2020 
5 or fewer people outside of the household may be allowed in a campsite

  Rocky Reach Park 
 Rocky Reach Park is closed. The park will remain closed until the Discovery Center reopens late spring/early summer 2021

Park Shelters
Shelters will remain closed until the County enters phase 3 of Washington's four-phased approach. Reservations are not being accepted at this time. Please note, Chelan County is only in Modified Phase 1 so it is unlikely that shelter reservations will be available in the near future so please plan accordingly.

Special Events 
All special events scheduled at PUD-managed facilities are canceled until the County enters phase 3 of Washington's four-phased approach. We understand that special events take many hours to plan and that there may be significant expense involved and wish we could provide an estimated timeframe for scheduling events. However, given current COVID-19 case counts and the fact that Chelan County is in Modified Phase 1, we are not accepting any applications for special events until further notice. Special events may resume 30 days after Chelan County reaches Phase 3, subject to any group restrictions imposed by State or County officials. 


Playground equipment will remain closed until the County enters phase 3 of Washington’s four-phased approach.

Ballfields will remain closed to reservations until the County enters phase 3 of Washington’s four-phased approach. This includes league games and tournaments. 

*Please note that these rules and restrictions are subject to change as additional guidance is issued by State and County sources. We ask for you understanding and patience during these challenging times. 

Parks with shelters that we reserve are:

  • Beebe Bridge Park - 1 shelter
  • Chelan Falls Park - 1 shelter
  • Chelan Riverwalk Park - 1 shelter and 1 pavilion
  • Chelan Falls Powerhouse Park - 1 shelter (No Power)
  • Kirby Billingsley Hydro Park - 1 shelter
  • Walla Walla Point Park - 2 shelters. Shelter #1 is next to the courts/children’s play area. Shelter #2 is south of #1, surrounded by a large grassy area.
  • Rocky Reach Dam Park - 2 shelters and 1 picnic area
  • The Linden Tree area in Walla Walla Point Park can also be reserved, however, there's no picnic shelter and a limited number of tables available for use.
  • The Wenatchee Riverfront Park has no picnic shelters, but areas available for special events.
  • The Loop Trail is available to reserve in conjunction with special events.


Fresh air & exercise is important! Keeping our parks & trails open while protecting parks visitors & employees is important to us too. However, we can’t effectively sanitize play equipment, so until COVID-19 impacts ease, play equipment is closed. Thanks for understanding!

Shelter Amenities

  • Parks open at 7 a.m. and close at dusk.
  • Each shelter has eight to ten tables which can seat about eight to ten adults per table.
  • All shelters have electricity, water and sinks except for Chelan Falls Powerhouse shelter, which has only a shelter and tables and Chelan Riverwalk, which has tables but no sink.
  • There are standard size trashcans available. For larger groups, we ask that trash is bagged and placed next to the trash cans.
  • You may bring your own propane grills, but you need to keep them outside of the shelter.
  • There are large barbeque grills outside shelters (except Rocky Reach, Chelan Falls Powerhouse & Chelan Riverwalk) that hold approximately two regular size bags of charcoal.
  • The restrooms are closed at dusk.
  • No alcohol is permitted at any PUD operated parks.    

Making a Reservation

  • There is no charge to reserve a picnic shelter.
  • Reservations are not accepted by phone.
  • For day use only of a shelter, you can use our online reservation system
  • The online reservation system requires an 8 day lead time
  • For Special Events, an Application for Use of Parks is needed. Complete the application and mail or fax back to the Parks Department.

Mailing address:
Chelan County PUD
Parks Department
PO Box 1231
Wenatchee, WA 98807

For questions: Please call (509) 661-4551