Street Lighting

All of the cities in Chelan County are converting all of their streetlights to LED (light-emitting diode) in 2018. Installation of the new LED streetlights is expected to begin in October 2018 and be completed by February 2019. The new LED streetlights are being paid for at no cost to the cities using a combination of grant funds from Washington state and rebates through Chelan County PUD’s energy efficiency programs. The new LED lights should provide as good or better lighting than exists now, while reducing maintenance costs, minimizing light pollution and saving energy.  To help the cities with this lighting project, Chelan County PUD is providing design assistance, project and construction management.

Anticipated installation start date by area:
  • Leavenworth - Early October
  • Chelan - Late October
  • Entiat - Early December
  • Cashmere - Mid-December
  • Wenatchee - Mid-January

Streetlights in the County will be replaced as crews are working in nearby cities.

On Jan. 8, 2018, Chelan County PUD Commissioners approved a rate for municipal LED streetlights that will lower power costs for cities that install the energy-saving lamps. The new rate reflects the energy savings of LEDs and made it possible for the cities to qualify for grants to help pay for the installation.

Changes in the energy charge for LED streetlights will mean savings of about $1.40 per light each month. 

LED street lighting
The project will replace approximately 3,750 streetlights throughout Chelan County, most of which are standard streetlights called cobra heads. Most of the streetlights in Chelan County are High Pressure Sodium. High Pressure Sodium streetlights are less efficient and cast an orange, low-quality light. LED streetlights are energy efficient and have long life spans.

The LED lights selected for this project call for “warm 3000°K” colored lights that have a softer glow and minimize the amount of harsh blue light.

Chelan County PUD is working with night sky research scientists at the Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division of the National Park Service to objectively measure the amount of artificial light that obscures the night sky over Chelan County, both before and after all streetlights are replaced.  The picture below shows the amount of artificial light above Wenatchee that was measured from the top of Burch Mountain on May 7. The color scale of the black and white image shows the intensity of artificial light compared to the amount of natural light.

Total Night Lights from Burch Mountain - LED Light Study

If you have questions or concerns about the LED streetlights being installed in your area, you are encouraged to contact your local official listed below:

  • City of Cashmere: Jim Fletcher, (509) 782-3513
  • City of Chelan:Randy Lloyd, (509) 670-4871
  • City of Entiat: Mike Herdt, (509) 784-1500
  • City of Leavenworth: Herb Amick, (509) 548-5275
  • City of Wenatchee: Ruta Jones, (509) 888-3202
  • Chelan County: Jill FitzSimmons, (509) 667-6415

The PUD is always open to hearing from the public. If you have questions or comments on LED streetlights, you can contact Jim White by emailing or calling (509) 661-4829.

Street Lighting FAQ's