Electric Vehicles

Charging stations at PUD spots are open to the public

As part of its Public Power Benefit program, Chelan PUD installed five electric vehicle charging stations at four locations for customers, employees and other motorists. Find stations at:

Charging at these EV stations is free, compliments of Plug-In North Central Washington. Here are the Instructions for EV charging at Chelan PUD stations.

Powering an electric vehicle with Chelan PUD's clean, renewable hydropower lowers your fuel costs, eliminates emissions from gas and diesel, and gives you a new and exciting way to get around.

Sales tax exemption

Since Aug. 1, 2019, buyers can get a state sales tax exemption when buying or leasing new EVs under $45,000 and used EVs under $30,000, providing up to $2,500 off the sticker price. The tax break runs through July 31, 2025.
Plug-in North Central Washington provides the FREE power for Chelan PUD's five public charging stations. Consider a donation to Plug-in NCW to keep free power flowing.

EV charging-station at Confluence Technology Center

Frequently asked questions about electric vehicles

Owner tips
Randy Brooks of Chelan, Tesla owner and board member for Plug-in NCW, has written a series of articles on EVs for the  Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group. Find the articles on reasons for driving an EV, charging EVs and tips for buying here.

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