Dive into solar power and electric vehicles [Power Hour - Ep. 4 featuring Dr. Jim White]

by Lacy Stockton | Jun 17, 2021

Our featured guest, Dr. Jim White, Chelan PUD senior energy efficiency engineer, and your host, Lacy Stockton, answer your questions about electric vehicles and generating energy at home. 

We chat about:

  • What new solar incentive is Chelan PUD planning?
  • How can I find electric vehicle charging stations easily? Is there an app for that?
  • What type of solar panels does Jim recommend for my roof?
  • Does installing solar make sense economically in Chelan County?
  • Why do people install local solar even if it doesn't make strict economic sense?
  • Does Chelan PUD have an incentive for home electric vehicle chargers?
  • Should I get batteries for my home to power it during an outage?
  • How much does a solar system cost here in Chelan County?
  • What solar panels do you recommend for my RV?
  • And more!

Watch Now:

If you have questions about installing solar on your home, Chelan PUD rebates for energy-efficient home improvements, electric vehicles and charging, PUD incentives for local businesses, and more...

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