Utility Pole Attachments

We’re here to help guide you through the pole attachment process.

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Step #1 - Pole Attachment License Agreement

Communications companies interested in making attachments to Chelan County PUD owned poles must have a fully executed Pole Attachment Licensing Agreement in place with Chelan County PUD before applying to attach equipment. To inquire about the agreement process, please call us at (509) 661-8400 or email: service@chelanpud.org. 

Step #2 - Apply

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Once a Pole Attachment License Agreement is in place, you're ready to apply.

Pole Attachment Permit Applications
are required for:

  • Attaching wireline pole attachments to one (1) or more poles
  • Overlashing
  • Modifications (any change in type, nature, dimensions, weight, or location of an existing pole attachment)
  • Attachment removal

Applications must be submitted with all required information outlined in the application. Download and complete the Pole Attachment Permit Application.

Pole Transfers:

Chelan County PUD requires that all Licensees use NJUNS (National Joint Use Notification System), a web-based asset management system for transfer notifications. New Licensees must register with NJUNS as a part of the licensing agreement execution process. Existing Licensees must transfer or remove equipment in the timeframe designated in the Licensing Agreement.

Helpful Links:

Chelan County PUD's Pole Attachment Rules and Regulations describes the processes, procedures, and construction standards for attaching wireline communications equipment to Chelan PUD poles.

Chelan County PUD will update this website periodically. Check back for the latest rules and regulations, standards, documents, and contact information.

If you have questions about the Agreement or application process, call us at (509) 661-8400 or email: service@chelanpud.org.