Street Lighting

Crews performed a county-wide inventory of some 4,000 street lights that may result in better street lighting in the future.

Contractor Tanko Lighting conducted the inventory, which ended earlier this year. PUD staff is evaluating potential benefits of upgrading to LEDS, including energy savings, less light pollution and truer light, which can improve public safety.

Most of the street lights in Chelan County are High Pressure Sodium. High Pressure Sodium street lights are less efficient and cast an orange, low-quality light. LED (light-emitting diode) street lights are energy efficient, have long life spans, produce superior color and light and may reduce maintenance costs.

Sample LED street lights are currently in place in a few Wenatchee neighborhoods.

We encourage your feedback on the sample LED streetlights. Send comments or questions to or call (509) 661-4294.

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Street Lighting FAQ's

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