Operating Responsibly

Operating responsibly means exhibiting environmental stewardship in all aspects of our work. From pioneering fish-passage systems to purchasing less-toxic cleaning supplies, Chelan County PUD looks for ways to do business that are environmentally sound and sustainable.

At Chelan County PUD, our decisions always consider our customer-owners’ interests in obtaining low-cost, reliable power. And, we believe that people, technology and nature can work together to create a sustainable balance.

We strive for the highest efficiencies in power generation with the lowest environmental impact. PUD biologists and engineers lead the industry in developing state-of-the-art systems to increase the survival of migrating salmon and steelhead while avoiding costly spills of water, our most important resource.

The results of that approach are summarized in a report on the environmental and social effects of the PUD’s wide-ranging programs from fish and wildlife protection to parks called “Natural Leaders: The power of a sustainable future" Along with the PUD’s Financial Annual Report it provides a look at how the District measures success at meeting its “triple bottom line” of financial, environmental and social responsibilities.

As part of operating in a sustainable manner we are printing copies of the Natural Leaders report by request only. Request a print copy.

We know that every extra kilowatt of clean, renewable energy generated at our facilities and transmitted out of the county means less demand for other non-renewable generation including coal and nuclear.

Our conservation programs decrease the demand for additional power while improving the comfort – and reducing the energy bills – of our customers. In our corner of the world, we are doing our part to sustain and enhance the quality of life in this valley, in the Northwest, and on the planet.

Natural Leaders Report
Chelan County Public Utility District lies in the heart of Washington state, embraced by the Cascade Mountains on the west and the Columbia River on the east. This report is a summary of our stewardship of the places and the people we serve.