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Commercial lighting


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Better quality light, improved ambiance

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Long lasting, less maintenance, break resistant

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Save money now and for years

Modernize your business with new lighting and controls, and Chelan PUD will help you pay for it. Incentives are available for indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades.

LED lighting uses less energy, operates at lower temperatures so your cooling costs are reduced, is long lasting, and requires less maintenance—often the biggest source of savings for businesses.

LEDs also provide better quality light. Gone are the days of the yellow haze!

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Now through December 31, Chelan PUD will pay up to 100% of your project costs for efficient lighting and controls.


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Chelan PUD will help pay for the purchase and installation of energy-efficient lighting and controls.

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Existing Buildings

$0.18 per kWh saved

You're upgrading lighting in an existing building

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New Construction

$0.06 per kWh saved

You're adding efficient lighting to a new space or addition

Incentives are based on kWh savings determined using the 2021 Lighting Calculator and are capped at 75% of project costs 100% of project costs, now through December 31. Calculated savings depend on your existing and proposed lighting energy use and the actual operating hours.

Ask your lighting contractor or Scott Stanford, our commercial energy advisor, about incentive calculations for your project.

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Yes! Any upgrade costs beyond PUD incentives qualify for low-rate EnergySmart financing.


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Participant Feedback

What other local businesses say about their new lighting and controls:

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New lighting makes a big difference at Confluence Medical Center.

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"LED lighting has been a game changer. We save money on energy, maintenance, and have so much versatility."

-- Mark Miller, Town Toyota Center General Manager

Town Toyota Center LED lighting project


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1. Fill Out the Lighting Calculator (or Worksheet)

Complete either the 2021 Lighting Calculator or Lighting Worksheet. Contractors can complete these forms, or contact our energy efficiency advisor for help.

2. Submit Calculator (or Worksheet)

Send your calculations or worksheet to or:

Chelan County PUD
PO Box 1231
Wenatchee, WA 98807-1231

3. Confirm Pre-Approval for Incentives Over $25,000

Pre-approval by Chelan PUD is required for projects with incentive amounts over $25,000. Projects with incentives over $25,000 without pre-approval are subject to availability of incentive dollars budgeted.

No pre-approval is needed for incentives of $25,000 and under.

4. Submit Invoices

Send a copy of your invoice or receipt showing the total project costs for lighting equipment purchase and installation to or:

Chelan County PUD
PO Box 1231
Wenatchee, WA 98807-1231


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What Happens Next?

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We'll review your calculations and invoices, and contact you if anything is missing or we need more information.

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With your paperwork complete, we'll schedule an inspection to make sure your lights are installed and being operated as stated.

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If all checks out, you'll receive your incentive payment in the mail, or we can pay your lighting contractor directly.


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We're Here for You

Questions? Talk with Scott Stanford, Chelan PUD commercial energy advisor. Call (509) 661-4187 or email