Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps

Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps


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Up to 100% paid by Chelan PUD

Heating and cooling

Year-round comfort

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Lower heating and cooling costs
Get better equipment for less than you’d pay for standard PTAC units with incentives from Chelan PUD—we’ll pay up to 100% for your new, installed PTHPs, packaged terminal heat pumps.


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Chelan PUD offers two PTHP incentives depending on where the unit will be installed: Residential Care Facility and Lodging.

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$1,200 per unit

Residential Care Facility

The PTHP unit will be installed in a nursing home, retirement home, or assisted living facility

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$850 per unit


The PTHP until will be installed in a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, boarding or rooming house, apartment hotel, dormitory, or shelter 

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These PUD incentives often pay for your full project costs, with nothing out of pocket to you. Just in case, any upgrades beyond PUD incentives qualify for low-rate EnergySmart financing.

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Is your building eligible for an incentive?

1. Your Space and Heating

Either of the following apply:


2. New Packaged Terminal Heat Pump


3. Paperwork



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1. Install Your PTHP

Work with your contractor to make sure an AHRI-certified PTHP unit is installed.

2. Send in Paperwork

Gather your paperwork and send them (or as your contractor to submit them) to or:

Chelan County PUD
PO Box 1231
Wenatchee, WA 98807-1231


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What Happens Next?

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We'll review your paperwork, and contact you if anything is missing or we need more information.

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With your paperwork complete, we might schedule an inspection to make sure your heat pump was installed correctly.

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If all checks out, you'll receive your incentive payment in the mail, or we can pay your HVAC contractor directly.


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We're Here for You

Questions? Talk with Drew Thompson, Chelan PUD commercial energy advisor. Call (509) 661-8560 or email