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It’s all about crafting the perfect buying experience.

Highlight your vehicles with new, better quality lighting while reducing your overhead and harsh night-time glare. Let us help.

Chelan PUD pays up to 100% for quality lighting and equipment that will reduce your operating and maintenance costs.


What's in It for Me?

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Modernize the look and feel of your lot and buildings

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PUD pays up to 100% of your project costs for better equipment

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Improve your equipment while minimizing your costs


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How Do Business Incentives Work?


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What Can Chelan PUD Help Me Pay For?

Your dealership can save more money when installing better equipment with incentives from Chelan PUD.


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Lighting Solutions

Your sales depend on a lot of things, including how your vehicles look. Poor quality yellow lighting isn’t flattering. New LED lighting can dramatically improve the look of your vehicles and provides nearly infinite colors and dimming to create the perfect light for your eye-catching displays.

High-efficiency lighting fixtures use up to 90% less energy—and money—and controls save you money by automatically turning lights off in unoccupied spaces or dimming empty parking areas. Long lasting and shatter resistant, LEDs reduce your ongoing maintenance and replacement costs and lower your energy bills for years.

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Get started today by talking with your lighting contractor or contact Drew Thompson, our commercial energy advisor.

savings: 2/3 leaves

Ongoing Savings: Moderate to high
Save up to 90% on lighting and maintenance costs for 10+ years

upfront investment: 2/3

Upfront Investment: Low to moderate
Chelan PUD pays up to 75% of your project costs. Remaining project costs are eligible for EnergySmart financing

effort: 2/5 easy to 3/5 moderate

Project Effort: Low to moderate
Projects range from quick and easy upgrades to involved relighting


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Reduce drafts and operating costs by increasing the insulation in your showroom and offices. Chelan PUD will pay for up to 100% of your project costs.

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What better light is there than daylight? Install new windows to modernize the look of your showroom. Chelan PUD will pay for up to 100% of your project costs.

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Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

To reduce overhead costs and improve comfort, have new HVAC equipment installed in your showroom. Chelan PUD will pay for up to 100% of your project costs.

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Drew Thompson

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Questions? Talk with Drew Thompson, Chelan PUD commercial energy advisor. Call (509) 661-8560 or email


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