Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation Pumps


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Lower operating and maintenance costs

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Greater irrigation system flexibility

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Simple, consistent pressure control
Variable frequency drives (VFDs) on irrigation pumps make your life easier. Have better flow control, reduce the wear and tear on your pump motor and bearings, have the flexibility to effortlessly match your irrigation needs, eliminate water hammer in the mainline, and save money on your utility bills.

Plus, Chelan PUD will pay for up to 75% of the cost of your upgrades.


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Custom Amount

Custom incentive paid to add a variable frequency drive (VFD) to an irrigation pump. Please contact us to spec your upgrade.

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Yes! Any upgrade costs beyond PUD incentives qualify for low-rate EnergySmart financing.

Several factors need to be considered before deciding whether to install a VFD on your irrigation pump:

  • How is the pressure of the existing pump controlled?
  • Does the demand for water vary throughout the day or during the irrigation season?
  • How much pressure does the pump have to deliver before any water can begin to flow?
  • Is the pump large enough to justify installing a VFD?
  • How is the pump operated relative to its rated performance curve?

Incentives are based on kWh savings determined using the Irrigation Pump Resource$mart Application calculations and are capped at 75% of project costs.

Ask Jim White, our senior energy conservation engineer, about incentive calculations for your project.


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1. Fill Out the Application

Complete the Irrigation Pump Resource$mart Application. Contact Jim White, Chelan PUD senior energy conservation engineer, for help.

2. Submit Application

Send your application to or:

Chelan County PUD
PO Box 1231
Wenatchee, WA 98807-1231

3. Confirm Pre-Approval

If Chelan PUD agrees that the proposed VFD will likely save sufficient energy, PUD staff will send you a signed copy of the Irrigation Pump Resource$mart Application.

4. Install VFDs

Complete the installation of the VFDs on your irrigation pumps.

5. Submit Invoices

Once the installation is complete, sign the Irrigation Pump Resource$mart Application that was previously signed by Chelan PUD, and return it along with a copy of the invoice and receipts which show the total cost of purchasing and installing the VFD to or:

Chelan County PUD
PO Box 1231
Wenatchee, WA 98807-1231


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What Happens Next?

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We'll review your application and invoices, and contact you if anything is missing or we need more information.

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With your paperwork complete, we'll schedule an inspection to make sure your VFD was installed as agreed to in the application.

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If all checks out, you'll receive your incentive payment in the mail, or we can pay your contractor directly.


Jim White, senior energy conservation engineer

Hi, I'm Jim.

Questions? Talk with Jim White, Chelan PUD senior energy conservation engineer. Call (509) 661-4829 or email