Connected Thermostats

Connected (web-enabled) thermostats save energy by allowing building operators to program operating schedules, temperature set-points and supply-fan operation during unoccupied periods. Chelan PUD offers an incentive of $250 for thermostats on our Connected Thermostats Qualified Products List.

This incentive is available for retrofits only. Hotel rooms are not eligible.

To qualify:

• Heating type must be electric
• Existing HVAC system (which will be controlled by the new thermostat) has an existing supply fan
• Thermostat replaces an existing thermostat that is not web-enabled.

Buildings are eligible for more than one connected thermostat, as long as each connected thermostat controls an existing HVAC system with a separate supply fan serving a separate zone.

Thermostats must be on the Connected Thermostats Qualified Products List and must include these features:

• Limited duration occupied-period override
• Multiple setback schedules with energy-saving temperature set-points during unoccupied periods, including evenings, holidays and breaks
• Capable of scheduling the supply fan to operate continuously during occupied periods, and to operate in auto mode during unoccupied periods
• Remote, web-based monitoring and programming
• Settings are retained during power or internet losses (e.g. battery and memory back-up).

To apply for the incentive, please submit to Chelan County PUD:

  • Connected Thermostat Project Application Form
  • Equipment/contractor invoice showing (a)  manufacturer, model number, serial number (if Ecobee ESM Si) and number of thermostats installed/used), (b) the order/purchase date and (c) cost

By email:
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Phone: (509) 661-4187
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