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Have questions? Live on Facebook and YouTube, your energy-efficiency experts are ready to answer.

Have you ever wondered...

  • Do heat pumps really work in winter?
  • How do I get started with new windows, or...
  • Solar panels, or...
  • Drought-tolerant EcoLawn?
  • Am I eligible for PUD rebates?

You’re not alone. 

Bring your questions. And we’ll bring the energy-efficiency experts!


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Power Hour S2E5 featuring Megan Kramer, local energy star homes rater and home sustainability specialist, on Weds, May 18 at noon

S2 Episode #5: Building Better

Join Megan Kramer, home sustainability consultant and Energy Star Homes rater, as she answers your questions about building energy-efficient and net-zero homes in Chelan County.

Live at noon on Wednesday, May 18.



Power Hour S2E6 with Ryan Beebout, Sabey data center Director of operations, at noon on Weds, June 8

S2 Episode #6: Data Centers, the Internet, & Mining

Do you use the Internet? Then you use data centers.

Join Ryan Beebout, Director of Operations with Sabey, to answer your questions about data centers, crypto mining (aka not data centers), and more! Live at noon on Wednesday, June 8.



Power Hour S2E7 featuring Anne & Randy Brooks to answer all you questions live about electric vehicles at noon on July 13

S2 Episode #7: Electric Rides

Join Anne & Randy Brooks, local electric vehicle experts and Plug-In NCW leads, as they answer your questions about electrifying your ride, how plug-in works, range anxiety, and more!

Live at noon on Wednesday, July 13.



Questions can’t wait? No worries.

  1. Post your energy-saving questions on the Power Hour event page or email them to conservation@chelanpud.org
  2. We’ll answer them live and post the video below so you can watch whenever you have time (and popcorn!)
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Season Two

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Screen shots of guests on Power Hour S2E4 at Chelan Earth Day Fair

S2 Episode #4: Live from the Chelan Earth Day Fair

Live from the Chelan Earth Day Fair at the PUD's Chelan Riverwalk Park, we're joined by a trip of guests to chat about conservation work around Lake Chelan:

  • Tamie Blevins, Chelan Earth Day Fair gardeners coordinator
  • Amanda Newell from the Cascadia Conservation District
  • Julie McCoy from 911 Glass Rescue and Lake Chelan Rotary
  • Brian Patterson from the Chelan Basin Conservancy
  • Phil Long from Lake Chelan Research Institute and Keep it Blue

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Screen shot of livestream

S2 Episode #3: Summer-Ready in Spring

Lisa and Travis Turner from Community Glass join Josh Mitchell, Chelan PUD residential energy advisor, to answer your questions about windows and getting ready for summer.

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Power Hour Season 2 - Episode 2 with Lacy & Dave, energy conservation engineer

S2 Episode #2: Winterize, Energize & Decarbonize!

Dave Shipley, energy conservation engineer and Canadian through and through, answers your questions about staying warm in winter and how North America can transition to a low-carbon future.

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Screen shot of Lacy and Frank on the Power Hour

S2 Episode #1: Bills, bills, bills

Frank Sanchez, Chelan PUD customer accounts specialist, answers your questions on lowering those winter bills and PUD rates. And your host, Lacy Stockton, gives a little primer on electricity rates and bills around the country.

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Season One

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screenshot of Power Hour epidose #11 with Steve Wright

Episode #11: A public power legacy

Steve Wright, Chelan PUD general manager and public power icon, answers your questions about the future of energy and public power before he passes the baton.

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Power Hour #10 screenshot with Lacy, Scott and Mario

Episode #10: Brrr, it's cold out there!

Scott Stanford, commercial energy advisor, and Mario Cantu, community engagement coordinator, share updates, the new Pay-It-Forward Program, and pro tips to stay warm this winter without breaking the bank.

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La Hora Poderosa con Sergio y Griselda

Episode #9: La Hora Poderosa

Sergio Sanchez, nuestro especialista en conservación de energía, habla con la Griselda Gonzalez, nuestra representante de conservación de energía y presentadora hoy, para responder a tus preguntas sobre cómo ahorrar energía y dinero en tus facturas y mucho más.

Míralo ahora

screen shot of livestreaming with Lacy and Terry

Episode #8: Water-wise gardening and eco lawns

Terry Anderson, WSU Master Gardener and lead of the Riverfront Park Xeric Garden in Wenatchee, answers your questions about creating a lush, beautiful, and water-wise yard even here in the desert.

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screenshot of Power Hour #7 with Sustainable Wenatchee

Episode #7: Reducing waste and your energy bill every day

Betsy Dudash and Jana Fischback from Sustainable Wenatchee share tips on reducing waste, composting, worms, keeping cool in the kitchen this summer, and answered your questions about recycling all while crafting a delicious meal with a bumper crop of local summer squash, straight from Betsy's garden.

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screen shot of Power Hour #6 with Hunter Burbidge, Scott Stanford, Sergio Sanchez and Lacy Stockton

Episode #6: Create a cleaner air sanctuary at home for smoke season

Hunter Burbidge, indoor air quality epidemiologist with the WA State Department of Health, and special guests Scott Stanford, Chelan PUD commercial energy advisor and former homebuilder, and Sergio Sanchez, Chelan PUD energy conservation specialist discuss how to prepare your home for smoke season.

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screenshot of livestream, Power Hour #5 with Richard DeRock of Link Transit

Episode #5: Efficient transportation, electric vehicles, and more!

Richard DeRock, Link Transit general manager and grill master, joins your host, Lacy Stockton, and special guest Dr. Jim White, Chelan PUD senior energy efficiency engineer about hydrogen power, 18 new free EV charging stations going live in Chelan County, and getting around efficiency in Chelan County.

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screenshot of Lacy and Jim laughing on the Power Hour

Episode #4: Renewables, solar power, electric vehicles and all the "hard" questions with Dr. Jim

Jim White, Chelan PUD senior energy conservation engineer, inventor, and proud Tesla driver, joins your host, Lacy Stockton, to answer your questions about installing solar panels, charging electric vehicles, and riding the wholesale power market.

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screenshot of the Power Hour with Lacy and Josh

Episode #3: Residential rebates, energy assistance & low-income programs with Josh

Josh Mitchell, residential energy advisor and #vanlife aficionado, joins your host, Lacy Stockton, to answer your questions about bill assistance and keeping cool.

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Screenshot of Power Hour with Lacy and Griselda

Episode #2: Why is my electric bill so high?

Griselda Gonzalez, Chelan PUD energy conservation representative and reluctant bird lover, joins your host, Lacy Stockton, to answer your questions about rebates and how to get paid.

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También en español: ¿Por qué mi factura es tan alta?

screenshot of Scott and Lacy answering customer questions live on the Power Hour

Episode #1: Are you charged up?

Scott Stanford, Chelan PUD commercial energy advisor, former local homebuilder, and one-man race car pit crew joins your host, Lacy Stockton, to answer your questions about saving at home and for local businesses.

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Screen shot of Power Hour side-by-side view with Lacy, Griselda, Sergio, and Scott

Episode #0: Find out what we have planned

Meet Griselda, Sergio, and Scott from the energy solutions team as they introduce the Power Hour with your host, Lacy.

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