Water-wise gardening and eco lawns [Power Hour - Ep. 8 featuring Terry Anderson]

by Lacy Stockton | Sep 10, 2021

Terry Anderson, WSU Master Gardener and lead of the Riverfront Park Xeric Garden in Wenatchee, joins your host, Lacy Stockton, to answer your questions about creating a lush, beautiful, and water-wise yard even here in the desert.

We chat about:

  • Drought-tolerant turf alternatives to your thirsty lawn (including a peak of Lacy’s eco lawn that's watered every 2-3 weeks and mowed just twice a year!)
  • Why you could benefit from Xeriscape, drought-tolerant, and other water-wise plantings, even if you have irrigation water
  • Why Terry loves, loves mulch and which kinds work best in Chelan County
  • How to find more resources, local inspiration, and contact your master gardeners as you create your new yard
  • and more!

Watch Now:

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