Power trading to benefit Chelan County [ Power Hour - S2E10 featuring Shawn Smith ]

by Lacy Stockton | Oct 13, 2022

Shawn Smith, Chelan PUD managing director of energy resources, joins your host, Lacy Stockton, to answer your questions about selling our local hydropower to benefit Chelan County.

We chat about:

  • What "selling power" means and how Chelan PUD uses the revenues to subsidize our ultra-low electric rates, parks and other public power benefits
  • How much will rates increase in the future?
  • Does Chelan PUD plan to support local economic development?
  • What do EVs mean for our grid and electric rates?
  • Can we expect blackouts or other issues in the future?
  • How will climate change impact our ability to generate hydropower and much more! 

Watch Now:

If you have questions about bill assistance, upcoming community events, energy efficiency, Chelan PUD rebates and incentives, the energy transition, and more... 

Join us on the next Power Hour at noon on Wednesday, November 9, live on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously. Austin Rohr from Northwest River Partners will answer your questions about hydropower and its impact across the Pacific Northwest.  Bring your questions for Austin!

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