Energy-Efficient Showerheads

Showerheads: easy water and energy savings


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Save hot water for your shower

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Convenient and easy to use

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Save energy and money

Make your hot water last longer while saving thousands of gallons a year. A ShowerStart TSV (thermostatic valve) doesn’t lower showerhead pressure or flow, and installation is about as easy as changing a light bulb.


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Instant Discount

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45% off

Instant savings on a ShowerStart showerhead with the coupon code CCPUD


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How It Works

Saving hot water is as easy as 1-2-3!


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1. Turn on your shower

While you wait for the shower to warm up, continue with your typical routine. Brush your teeth, shave, pick out the perfect outfit....

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2. ShowerStart kicks in

When the water reaches 95°F, ShowerStart automatically lowers the flow to a trickle until you're ready.

When you hear your shower slow to a trickle, you'll feel the freedom of knowing your shower is warm and waiting—without wasting hot water.

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3. Shower when ready!

Just pull the cord to start the full, deliciously warm flow of hot water and begin showering.


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Participant Feedback

What your neighbors say about their new ShowerStart showerheads:

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"Wow! I bought two. They are outstanding. Living up Blewett, it takes forever for the water to get to our master shower. Hence, you don’t really watch it. You turn it on. Go run some errands in Wenatchee (kidding) and come back to find hot water. Now, it shuts off the water automatically, so you’re ready to go. For a quick, easy way to save on waste - these shower heads are fantastic. Everyone should get these."

-- Scott H.

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"This does exactly what I wanted. With 3 kids in the house, literally hundreds of gallons of hot water would get run down the shower drain every week."

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"No more wasted water as the kids goof around waiting for the water to warm or if you brush your teeth or use the toilet while the shower is warming."

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"I have no doubt this will pay for itself in just a couple of months. In fact, I'm buying them as gifts for everyone in my family."


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