Energy-Efficient Showerheads

Get a ShowerStart energy- and water-saving showerhead at a 45% discount

Make your hot water last longer while saving thousands of gallons a year. A ShowerStart TSV doesn’t lower showerhead pressure or flow and saves thousands of gallons of water – as well as the energy used to heat it – year after year after year. Installation is about as easy as changing a light bulb.

ShowerStart TSV supports high volume flows (4-6 gpm) and won't interfere with the pressure, flow or feel while you're showering.

Seasonal savings: Get 45% off a ShowerStart energy- and water-saving showerhead. Visit and use coupon code CCPUD for any products featuring ShowerStart TSV.

How it Works
1. Turn on shower. Cold water exists...
Continue with your typical routine -- brush your teeth, shave, or pick out the perfect outfit... things you do while waiting for the shower to become warm.

2. ShowerStart kicks in
When the water reaches 95 degree F, ShowerStart automatically lowers the flow to a trickle -- saving hot water until you're ready to get in. Your shower will wait for you.

3. Alerts you when your shower is ready
The first time you hear your shower slow to a trickle you'll feel the freedom of knowing your shower is warm and waiting. Just pull the cord to resume full flow and begin showering.

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