Wildfires, Smoke & Indoor Air Quality

Prepare for smoke season: better health, more comfort, bigger savings

Make Your Home a Clean-Air Sanctuary

Keeping your home air healthy during wildfire smoke takes a 1-2 punch:

  1. Keep wildfire smoke out, and
  2. Clean your indoor air. 

Here’s how you can make a clean-air sanctuary for you and your family...

Step #1. Block smoke from entering your home
Step #2. Clean your indoor air


Now is the time to prep your home for smoke season. Improve your home with help from Chelan PUD rebates so that when the smoke comes, you can take a big sigh of relief.

With many smoke-wise improvements, you'll save money now on better equipment for your home and in the long run on your electric bills, all while making your home a healthier place to be.


Quick Fixes During a Smoke Event

Have smoke in your area right now? Here are some quick ways to improve your indoor air quality: 


More Home Rebates and Business Incentives

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Smoke on the Power Hour

We were joined by Hunter Burbidge, indoor air quality epidemiologist from the Washington State Department of Health, on the Power Hour to answer live customer questions about how to prep your home for smoke season — and what to do if you're in a smoke event right now.

Watch it below and email any lingering smoke prep questions to conservation@chelanpud.org.

On the Power Hour

Or listen to this episode of the Power Hour podcast:


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