Ductless Heat Pumps

Cuctless heat pumps: efficient heating and cooling


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Better Air Quality

Heating and cooling

Year-round comfort

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Use up to 50% less energy (and money!)

Find more information about how ductless heat pumps work, their costs and energy savings at goingductless.com.


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Chelan PUD offers ductless heat pump rebates per dwelling unit.

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Family Home

For homes with 1 to 4 dwelling units under the same roof

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Multi-Family Home

For homes with 5 or more dwelling units under the same roof

Business ownersCheck out our rebates for ductless heat pumps in your commercial buildings.


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Participant Feedback

What your neighbors say about their new ductless heat pumps:

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"It was a nice bonus to get the rebate for our older house. Ductless heat pumps are the future!"

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"This heat pump is awesome year-round! The current incentive rocks!"

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98% of past participants would recommend a ductless heat pump (and rebate!) to their friend.

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Is your home eligible for a rebate?

1. Your Home and Heating



Note: new construction and homes with heat pumps or existing ductwork are not eligible for ducted mini-split rebates.

2. Installation


3. Paperwork


4. When to Apply


5. Special Cases

Limited to one rebate per dwelling unit.


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1. Select Contractor

Pick a local certified contractor to install your ductless heat pump.

2. Install Your Ductless Heat Pump

Work with your contractor to make sure your home is eligible.

3. Send in Paperwork

Gather your documents and send them (or ask your contractor to submit them) to conservation@chelanpud.org or:

Chelan County PUD
PO Box 1231
Wenatchee, WA 98807-1231


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What Happens Next?

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We'll review your paperwork and contact you if anything is missing.

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With your paperwork complete, we'll confirm your eligibility and might schedule an inspection to make sure your ductless heat pump was installed correctly.

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If all checks out, you'll receive your rebate check in the mail 6-8 weeks after we receive your complete application.


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We're Here for You

Talk with a Chelan PUD energy adviser. Call (509) 661-8008 or email conservation@chelanpud.org.

Common Questions

  • How much does a ductless heat pump cost?


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The following contractors serving Chelan County are certified to install ductless heat pumps. To be eligible for a rebate, a certified contractor must install your ductless heat pump. You can also search for a contractor.

Action Heating
(509) 433-1540

Aire Masters Inc.
(509) 884-5229

(509) 662-6846

(509) 662-5911

Bob's Heating & AC
East Wenatchee
(509) 884-5463

(800) 682-5923

Cashmere Heating & Cooling
(509) 387-5403

Central Air Solutions
(509) 881-9120

(509) 663-3557

Comfort Zone Heating & AC
East Wenatchee
(509) 886-8154

Cool Red Air LLC
(509) 551-1375

East Wenatchee
(509) 884-6444

Heat Me Cool, LLC
East Wenatchee
(509) 679-8047

(509) 293-1441

Keen Climate Change
(509) 784-5336

(509) 682-2128

(509) 662-6262

East Wenatchee
(509) 884-6868

(509) 662-3412

West Valley Heating
(509) 782-1026