Rates Planning

PUD approves monthly $1.75 residential electric increase in 2020

During its strategic planning process,the PUD heard customers’ preference for smaller, predictable rate changes to reduce the risk of larger increases in the future. In February 2020, the PUD Board of Commissioners approved the following rate changes:

  • 3-percent annual electric rate change – about $1.75/month each year for residential customers
  • 4-percent water and wastewater change per year to move the systems toward sustainability
  • 3-percent per year wholesale fiber rate change 

Chelan PUD has not raised electric rates for 9 years and has only had a 9% rate increase since 2000, while cumulative inflation has been about 40%. Increasing electric rates at approximately the rate of cost growth decreases the risk of large rate increases in later years.

Recent PUD Commission rate review meetings:

  • Monday, Jan. 20 – 1 p.m.
  • Monday, Feb. 3 – 1 p.m., public hearing
  • Tuesday, Feb. 18 – 10 a.m., consideration of adoption

PUD Headquarters

Residential Monthly Electric Charge Increases

Residential Monthly Charge Increase Chart

 Board Presentation - Jan. 20, 2020 Proposed 5-Year Rate Schedules
 Board Presentation - Jan. 6, 2020