Our Mission, Vision and Values


In a rapidly changing utility environment, we will provide: The Best Value for the Most People for the Longest Time


To enhance the quality of life in Chelan County by providing sustainable, reliable utility services.

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Our Values

Safety (protect public and employee health and safety)

  • Safety ethic owned by all employees/proactive in preventing injuries

Stewardship (acting on behalf of customer-owners, protecting public resources entrusted to us)

  • Aligns work with customer-owner interests
  • Actions support local control, enhancing long-term value, appropriate transparency, diversity reflecting the community
  • Protects and enhances natural resources affected by District activities
  • Effective communication helps the Board accomplish its policy guidance function

Trustworthiness (competence, integrity)

  • Demonstrates competence in required job skills and knowledge
  • Assures the District acts in accordance with applicable policies, laws and regulations
  • Results in actions that promote community respect for the PUD
  • Builds long-term, collaborative relationships with customer-owners, stakeholders and employees through respectful treatment

Operational Excellence (high-quality innovative work execution)

  • Demonstrates proactive commitment to continuous improvement
  • Instills clear accountability that leads to efficiency and high performance
  • Innovative work execution through supporting personal ownership


Chelan PUD will focus on creating a strong culture of respect and professionalism in the workplace regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, medical history, and/or age.

  • Chelan PUD is committed to creating an inclusive working environment where every employee feels valued and respected.
  • Chelan PUD is committed to developing a workforce that brings together diverse ideas, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to live out our Mission/Vision/Values where every employee feels valued regardless of their differences.
  • Chelan PUD is committed to creating a level playing field for recruiting, job performance and evaluation, opportunity, and advancement.
  • Chelan PUD is committed to using measures to help us assess and track progress and address any problems we uncover.
  • Chelan PUD is committed to fulfilling our affirmative action responsibilities by removing barriers to employment opportunities for women, minorities, disabled persons and protected veterans, and others who are members of a group whose status is protected by law.

Chelan PUD is committed to using the following measures to assess success and make necessary changes to promote and support diversity.

  • Hiring
    • Diversity of applicant pool
    • Diversity of hiring Panel
    • Equitable pay & compliance with equal pay law
  • Retention
    • Assessing turnover rates. What employees are leaving the organization and why?
  • Advancement
    • Are employees from all groups/backgrounds taking advantage of learning & development opportunities?
    • Are growth & promotional opportunities available to all employees?
    • Job level representation
  • Accessibility & Engagement
    • Employees feel valued regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, medical history, and age?
      • Employee survey & feedback