Window, Insulation and Entry Door Rebates

Chelan County PUD offers incentives to customers for energy efficiency improvements. Offers apply to owners of existing, site-built, single-family and multi-family homes (up to 10 units) and manufactured homes situated in Chelan County and using permanently installed electric heat. Eligible households include those using electric heat pumps, furnaces, baseboard, wall or radiant heat. Plug-in type space heaters do not qualify. New construction is not eligible.  Incentives apply to conditioned living space (no garages).

The maximum total payment per household is $2,500 per year, based on date of installation. 
Requests for window, insulation and door incentives must be submitted within 6 months of job completion.

Allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing. Payment is by check mailed to the customer.

Upgrading windows
is an investment that may lower electric bills, increase comfort and value, and improve the value of your home.
--The rebate for upgrading double-pane, metal-framed windows and patio doors is $4 per square foot.
--The rebate for upgrading single-pane windows is $6 per square foot.
Replacement windows must have a U factor of .30 or lower. Patio doors must have a U factor of .35 or lower.

Adding insulation is one of the most cost-effective measures a homeowner can take to save energy and improve comfort. For eligible installations, Chelan PUD offers a rebate of 50 cents per square foot. Insulation incentives are available as follows:
--Existing attic insulation must be R19 or less. Customers must add insulation to achieve R38 or greater.
--For walls, there can be no existing insulation. Added wall insulation must achieve R11 or great.
--For floors, there can be no existing insulation. Added floor insulation must achieve R19 or great.

Customers doing the work themselves are required to take photos before and after adding insulation (where feasible), with the photos showing a ruler gauging the before- and after-depth of the insulation. These photos must be included with the rebate application.
Customers using a contractor must supply a contractor's Certificate of Insulation.

Insulated entry doors that are ENERGY STAR certified are eligible for a $40 rebate.

Get started
Consult the Customer Checklist and List of Local Contractors for help finding products and installers. Determine eligibility and ensure that your products meet energy-efficiency standards for the rebate program.

How to apply

1. Assemble your documents. You will need:
For windows: An itemized invoice showing square footage, U-factor ratings and cost, or stickers or receipts showing window dimensions and U-factor ratings.
For insulation: An itemized invoice showing square footage, the R-factor ratings and cost, and a Certificate of Insulation filled out by your contractor OR for do-it-yourself jobs, photos showing depth of insulation before and after installation.
For entry doors: An itemized invoice and sticker showing ENERGY STAR qualification.

2. Apply online here OR use the paper form in the Related Documents box at left. You can scan and email or mail that form and your documents once complete.

3. Scan the required documents and upload those where noted on the online application
Scan the required documents and email them along with your application form to
Attach documents to your application and mail to Conservation Dept., Chelan County PUD, PO Box 1231, Wenatchee, WA  98807-1231. You can also drop the paperwork off at any of our offices.

Questions? Contact us or call (509) 661-8008.

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