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Chelan County PUD commissioners voted unanimously at their April 15 public meeting to accept the recommendation to consolidate Wenatchee-area operations at a new Service Center in Olds Station. Commissioners also directed staff to continue public outreach efforts to keep the community engaged and informed at each step of the design and construction process – especially as it relates to redevelopment efforts for the current headquarters at Fifth Street and North Wenatchee Avenue. Recommendations on redevelopment will be brought back to the Commissioners in the fall.

Commissioners had the opportunity to review more than 800 customer-owner comments and suggestions that were broken down into four areas:

  • What will be the impact to Downtown Wenatchee
  • How will potential traffic impacts be addressed
  • What will the new facility look like and will there be Wenatchee River access
  • What services and educational features will be available in the new lobby

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Service center timeline update

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Join us on an exciting journey

Chelan PUD spent almost three years looking at ways to improve the services we deliver to you. We even walked through the process of getting a new service connection from the eyes of customer – and what we found is that we’ve got great, helpful people, but unknowingly, we’ve created barriers to great customer service by the way our facilities are designed.

Looking back since the 1960s – when the third floor was added to the headquarters building – here are some comparisons:

  Then Now 
 16,700 customers  50,000 customers
 285 employees   858 employees
 200 vehicles  776 vehicles/equipment
 No telecommunications  County-wide broadband network
 No park systems  15 parks


Needless to say, a lot has happened in 50+ years at the PUD, but not much has happened with our facilities to keep up with the times and to meet the needs of our customers. Some buildings on the downtown, Fifth Street campus date back to 1920. At our Hawley Street facility, some date back to the 1950s.


Likewise, we encourage you to save money and be energy efficient. Sadly, our facilities aren’t energy efficient and it would be cost prohibitive to make most of the buildings efficient to today’s standards. It costs the PUD more than $3 million every year to maintain these aging, inefficient buildings.

And the traffic. No one wants to see the Wenatchee area become as congested as the Puget Sound region. Yet, we know that PUD trucks spend a lot of unnecessary time on Wenatchee Avenue – because 70 percent of all service trips are north of Wenatchee. Our estimates are that $750,000 could be saved on travel costs alone.

That’s all to say that the time is right to make some changes. And, we want you to take this journey with us and give us your thoughts along the way.

We have a fantastic opportunity to provide the greater Wenatchee community with a crown jewel of a redevelopment project almost in the heart of downtown Wenatchee.

If you have questions, please contact or call 509-661-4294.