Service Center

Image of contractors working on building enclosure

Seeing Green? As you drive by the new Service Center in Olds Station, you may have noticed a very green exterior. What is it? Contractors continue work on the building enclosure and that includes installing the vibrant green sheathing. The fluid-applied weather barrier is rolled on to protect the building from moisture infiltration as seen in the picture.

After waterproofing, the contractor will install a precast “ledger” at each floor level, followed by window frames. Getting the building weather tight is a major construction milestone and will allow interior work to continue through the winter.

The final exterior finish is a combination of masonry and reconstituted stone panels. All of these steps are carefully coordinated to ensure the enclosure is weather tight, performs efficiently in extreme temperatures, and lasts for generations.

Investing in Assets

  • One-stop location for customer transactions
  • Centralized operations will reduce crew response times
  • Consolidated operations and administrative functions will maximize efficiencies
  • Construction supports local jobs and contributes to local sales tax benefits

Aerial of campus - August

Now visible from Hwy 285 as you drive in and out of Wenatchee, the new PUD Service Center Building “A” is taking shape. Construction began one year ago on Aug. 6, 2020 and less than a year later – July 21, 2021 – the final steel beam was put into place. Work already has started on preparing the site for Buildings “B” through “G”.

Construction is slated to continue through 2022.  The phased move-in begins early in 2023 with all customer service functions and Commissioner meetings slated to begin at the new site in Spring 2023.



Service center timeline update


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