Switch to better lighting

 Light$mart incentives help business customers modernize lighting at their shops and buildings by paying part of the cost.

Outdoor lighting
By focusing on changing outdoor lighting -- especially outdoor lights that are on all night -- business owners and managers can maximize savings. Projects are eligible for 18 cents per annual kilowatt hour saved, up to 75 percent of the cost to purchase and install energy efficient lighting and controls.  

Indoor lighting
Help for indoor lighting projects is available, too. Quality lighting makes a space pleasant and inviting for employees and customers. Coupled with energy savings and PUD incentives -- also 18 cents per annual kilowatt hour saved, up to 75 percent of the cost -- these benefits can make today’s lighting technologies a profitable investment.

The Light$mart incentive depends on the existing and proposed power consumption of the light fixtures as well as the number of actual operating hours.

Customers, lighting suppliers and contractors:
use Chelan PUD’s online Lighting Calculator or this Lighting Calculator Worksheet to determine incentive amounts.

To receive the incentive, fill out the calculator or worksheet and email or mail to the PUD. Submit a copy of the invoice or receipt showing total project purchase and installation costs. A PUD representative will then visit the site to confirm the lights are installed and are being operated as stated. Pre-approval by Chelan PUD is not required for incentives less than $25,000. Incentive amounts greater than $25,000 that do not have pre-approval are subject to availability of incentive dollars budgeted by Chelan PUD.

For help filling out the calculator or worksheet or for more information, email Scott Stanford, commercial energy efficiency advisor, or call (509) 661-4187.

New lighting makes a big difference at Confluence Medical Center.