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At Chelan County PUD, we count knowledge and information among our most valuable assets. We dedicate millions of dollars to research, and we use what we learn to protect and enhance the environment for fish and wildlife while producing clean, renewable energy. We believe that sharing knowledge can help us all be better stewards of our world.
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Our research and commitment to knowledge-driven solutions has made the PUD a leader in the hydro industry. One example is the juvenile fish bypass at Rocky Reach Hydro Project that was built with lessons learned through years of study and prototype testing. The bypass has won national recognition for helping young fish safely pass the dam.

We partner with local schools to provide educational programs for students, and we are a sponsor and participant in the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival held each year at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery.

Hydropower is one of our region's great resources. The story of its development is rich with history and science.


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