You will find the information below helpful before viewing the map of the Rocky Reach and Rock Island Reservoirs.
To view your property on the map:
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• Type your complete address in the search field (example 327 So Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA.)for your specific location.

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On the map you will be able to view the shoreline classifications. These land management classifications indicate the level of resource protection and potential restrictions applicable to Non-Project use of particular Project lands and waters. Definitions of those classifications are below.

Integrated Use Area
• No known significant enviromental/cultural resources or associated resource mangement goals that would preclude Chelan PUD's approval.
• Most appropriate for the widest range of private and commercial uses.
• Acknowledges existing uses.
Includes some currently undeveloped areas that may be appropriate for future uses.
Resource Management Area
Has known significant environmental/cultural resources or associated resource management goals, as dentified in Settlement Agreement and subsequent resource management plans.
• Created to monitor and protect environmental and cultural resources
Project Operations
Includes infrastructure essential to license mandated operations or those facilities, structures, and sites required by the FERC license.
• Includes dams, powerhouses and appurtenant structures.
• Includes areas restricted to public access due to safety, security, operational, or other constraints.
• Includes license related recreational sites.

Detailed shoreline classification information is available in Table 3-3 of each Land Management Plan.      


Wenatchee Confluence Park