EnergySmart Business

Energy is one of the largest operating costs for a business. We can help you use less.

According to ENERGY STAR®, most businesses could lower their energy bills by around 30 percent with a few simple no- or low-cost upgrades. We’ll help you do that, with a free energy assessment and incentives toward energy-efficient equipment.

Chelan PUD’s EnergySmart Business program can help business owners lower their energy costs and improve their working environment. Chelan PUD is offering substantial incentives to make investments in energy efficiency projects affordable.

Participating businesses will be provided with:

• A free assessment of business space to identify energy-saving opportunities

• Recommendations on energy efficiency measures

• Estimates on potential savings, project costs and payback periods

• Installation of equipment that saves energy and reduces maintenance

• Incentives toward energy-efficient equipment and measures

Projects may include LED lighting, window retrofits, and installation of energy-efficient equipment such as heat pumps, ductless heat pumps, power strips, HVAC controls and heat pump water heaters.

Incentives are based on the estimated energy savings. On average, EnergySmart Business will offer 18 cents per kilowatt hour saved, up to 75 percent of the project cost.

Interested business owners can get more information by calling (855) 496-3857 or emailing

Contractors encouraged to participate
Local contractors are being recruited and trained to offer program services to interested businesses. Participating contractors can increase their technical knowledge through training and will have free access to software to streamline projects.

The goal is to build a network of contractor partners that can work with local businesses to pinpoint energy-saving opportunities and carry out the necessary improvements.

Contractors interested in learning more about providing EnergySmart Business services can get information by calling (855) 496-3857 or sending an email to

CLEAResult, a national company with expertise in designing and developing business-oriented energy efficiency programs, is helping administer EnergySmart Business for Chelan PUD.

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Chart showing sample restaurant savings
The chart above shows a sample project. This restaurant owner replaced T12 and T8 lights with low-wattage LED fixtures, installed strip curtains on the walk-in cooler and installed a pre-rinse spray valve in the kitchen.