Business Services Contacts

Power utility services

Lyle Moore, Customer Service Engineering Supervisor, (509) 661-4867
•  Availability of power
•  Power line extension estimates
•  Power distribution and transmission issues
•  Conduit, vault, and wire installation issues

Water and wastewater utility services

Ron Slabaugh, Water & Wastewater Manager, (509) 661-4131
•  Availability of water and wastewater services
•  Water/wastewater line extension estimates and costs

Commercial and industrial energy services

Jim White, senior energy conservation engineer, (509) 661-4829
•  Power requirements and costs for new facilities
•  Selecting the best heating and cooling system
•  Reducing energy costs at new and existing buildings
•  Finding solutions to power quality problems

Real estate services

Vicki Griffin, real estate and permitting manager, (509) 661-4240
• Property acquisition and management
• Easements and right-of-way acquisition and management
• Shoreline property management on Rocky Reach, Rock Island and
Lake Chelan reservoirs

Fiber optics

Bob Shane, director of Network Operations, (509) 661-4161
• Availability of excess fiber-optic capacity
• Fiber-optic expansion plans
• Other products and services

Energy resources

Shawn Smith, managing director, Energy Resources, (509) 661-4178
• Large power needs (greater than 10 megawatts)
• Future wholesale power price projections
• On-peak and off-peak power costs

Economic development links

    Chelan County information
    Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce
    Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce
    Chelan Chamber of Commerce
    Cashmere Chamber of Commerce
    Confluence Technology Center