Slice Power Sales

Public Utility District No. 1 of Chelan County (the District) is offering a five percent (5%) slice of the output of the Rocky Reach Hydroelectric Project and the Rock Island Hydroelectric Project for the five (5) year term January 2024 through December 2028. 

Located within the Quick Links section of this page, the Getting Started page provides an overview of key beginning steps, along with a brief description of and access to Rocky Reach and Rock Island data files.  

The Slice Checklist provides a list of tasks and items to be completed or delivered in order to participate in the Slice sale. 

Visit the Event Calendar to keep informed of important due dates and timeline of events.

Interested bidders are asked to Submit Your Contact Information, which will be used for e-mail notifications, mailers and a phone directory.


The information provided in this website relates to the sale of output by the District. While the District believes this information to be accurate, potential bidders shall be solely responsible for conducting their own investigation and analysis. The District makes no warranties or representations of any kind whatsoever relating to the information on the website, the conduct of the sale, or any other information available to potential bidders. No oral information shall be provided to or relied upon by any potential bidders. The only warranties or representations made by the District are expressly set forth in the written contract documents which will be made available to potential bidders.