Distribution substations are an important part of the electrical system that provides sustainable, reliable power to customers throughout Chelan County. Substations reduce high-voltage electricity (transmission) to low-voltage electricity (distribution) for residential and commercial use. The PUD has 34 distribution substations located strategically throughout our service territory – in rural, commercial, and residential areas. A substation typically serves approximately 1,500 residential homes.

Projecting Customer Growth

The PUD proactively collaborates with the County, Port District and municipalities to understand growth and development projections in order to plan for short and long-term infrastructure needs. The PUD works to acquire property ahead of the need for future substations. Currently, the PUD is planning for fifteen new substations over the next 10 to 20 years. We are committed to engaging with governing agencies and having public discussions prior to advanced property acquisition.

Substation Planning

The PUD begins the planning process to construct a new substation when the existing substation serving the area approaches 80% capacity. Once the need for a new substation is identified, it can take from 3 – 5 years to site, design and construct the facility so it can serve the growing power demands.

The PUD seeks to build distribution substations on about two acres of flat land close to both a transmission line and the center of the electrical load. For more information about substations, visit the Substation FAQ.

Community Involvement

The PUD is committed to involving stakeholders in decisions that might impact the community. Outreach and engagement activities might include PUD Commission meetings, governing agency meetings, community meetings, stakeholder groups, online and print engagement materials.

Learn more about substation projects currently in planning or design:

Okanogan Substation Image Okanogan Ave. Substation