Distribution substations are an important part of the electrical system that provides sustainable, reliable power to customers throughout Chelan County. Substations reduce high-voltage electricity (transmission) to low-voltage electricity (distribution) for residential and commercial use. The PUD has 35 distribution substations located strategically throughout our service territory – in rural, commercial, and residential areas. A substation typically serves approximately 1,500 residential homes.

Responding to Growth

As energy demand grows, the PUD needs to build new infrastructure to serve that growth. Learn more about growth forecasting and infrastructure planning here.

Generally, we will identify the need for a new substation when the existing substation serving an area approaches 80% capacity. Once the need for a new substation is identified, it can take from 3 – 5 years to site, design and construct the facility so it can serve the growing power demands.

Funding Growth

In 2022, Chelan PUD implemented a system impact fee to new electrical connections. The system impact fee is designed to offset the cost of constructing new infrastructure, like substations, to serve growth in Chelan County while keeping rates low for existing customers. Learn more here.

Community Involvement

The PUD is committed to involving the public in the substation siting and construction process. Outreach and engagement activities include PUD Commission meetings, community meetings, stakeholder advisory groups, and online or print materials. If you have a question about the substation program, please reach out at
Aerial of Chelan PUD Substation

A Chelan PUD Substation

How the PUD sites and constructs new substations
Map of existing and projected future substations for Chelan County PUD


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