Bavarian Substation

Chelan County PUD has been working closely with the community since 2015 to construct a new substation to serve the Leavenworth area. The existing double-bank substation serving the area is nearing capacity. In May 2017, the PUD, along with community input, selected a site at the intersection of North Road and Chumstick Highway for the new substation.

For more information about substations, visit our Substation FAQ.

Aerial image of Leavenworth

Community Outreach

PUD staff will be re-engaging with adjacent property owners and community partners in 2022 on substation design. As we move forward in the design phase, the PUD will work to understand what the stakeholders value in the design of the substation, including landscaping, lighting, general aesthetics, and more. Through this process, we will develop design principles that PUD staff and the consultant can use through the design phase.

The PUD is always open to hearing from the public. We will update this website regularly as the project moves forward. Sign up for email updates to stay informed about the design process.

If you have questions or comments, please reach out to Teka Sellers at or by calling (509) 661-4294.

Project Timeline

The Bavarian Substation will continue with the design phase in 2022. Construction is anticipated to begin  in 2023, with the substation energized in 2024.

Bavarian Subsation Timeline

Site Selection

In 2015, the PUD started working with the community and a Focus Group of stakeholders to evaluate 16 potential sites for the new substation. Based on operations and aesthetic considerations, staff and the Focus Group narrowed those sites to three alternatives.

Staff presented the final evaluation of the three sites based on community input and operational decision criteria and selected the site at the intersection of North Road and Chumstick Highway as the preferred location. In May 2017, PUD Commissioners approved moving forward with purchase of this site.

Transmission Lines

Two new transmission lines are needed to create redundant feeds to the new and existing substations to increase reliability for the Leavenworth area. One line is being planned between the existing Leavenworth substation, traveling north along Chumstick Highway and the second line is being planned in the Fox Road and North Road areas. The PUD worked with stakeholders in the area to gather input on three route alternatives for the second line. Based on public input and the feasibility analysis, PUD staff will move forward with design on the southernmost alternative (Alt. 3).
Site map of location of Bavarian Sub