West Wenatchee Area Substation

Wenatchee Foothills


Chelan County PUD is seeking a location for a new substation to serve the West Wenatchee area. The existing substations currently serving the area are nearing capacity. A new substation is needed to redistribute existing electrical load and serve future growth and development. We are committed to involving the public in the substation siting process. 

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What's happening now:

In February, we asked for feedback on four potential sites within WSU's property at the corner of Springwater and Western avenues in Wenatchee. We have incorporated that feedback into our site selection evaluation matrix. We continue to meet with key stakeholders and interested stakeholder groups.

  • Site Evaluation Matrix (June 2023) - incorporates public feedback on Aesthetics and Neighborhood Value.
  • PUD staff, in coordination with the property owner, will further explore site 1a and 3 based on feedback. This includes more specific layouts and access for the substation and transmission lines.
  • We will reach out later this summer when this level of detail has been developed.


Anticipated Project Timeline

The substation siting process for the West Wenatchee area will continue through 2023. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2025 and the substation is planned to be in service by 2027. This timeline is subject to change as priorities shift and adjustments are made to the schedule.

West Wenatchee Substation Timeline