Chelan County PUD provides safe, reliable, high quality, low cost, clean and renewable energy to more than 47,000 customer owners. This power comes from the three hydroelectric projects owned and operated by the PUD – Chelan Dam on the Chelan River at the southern end of Lake Chelan; Rocky Reach and Rock Island Dams on the Columbia River.  

The PUD moves that power from the dams to homes throughout the county via a complex transmission and distribution system. Essential to delivering energy to customers is the operation of 34 distribution substations located strategically throughout the PUD’s service territory.  These substations are located in rural, commercial and residential locations throughout the county.

Substations are an important investment for the PUD in order to meet customer power needs today and well into the future. The PUD develops anticipated load growth estimates and determines how that growth will be serviced with safe and reliable power for many years. Planning begins well ahead of actually starting construction.

We know that putting a substation anywhere, particularly in a residential area, can be difficult. The PUD has worked successfully with several neighborhood groups in the Wenatchee area on substation site selection and construction. Please take a look at other examples of residential locations.

Community Involvement

The PUD is committed to involving the community in the discussion of any substation site selection process. Learn more about substation projects currently in planning or design:

Okanogan Substation Image Okanogan Ave. Substation