Fish Counts

During the fish-counting season (approx April 14 to Nov 15), we offer an RSS feed for daily and year-to-date fish counts.

24-hour fish counts are actuals, not estimates, and are done manually by watching videotaped footage. Because of this, counts on this page may be slightly delayed.

DateFishRocky Reach DayRocky Reach YTDRock Island DayRock Island YTD
09/29/2016Chinook Adult19275208234107628
09/29/2016Chinook Jack174323165723
09/29/2016Chinook Mini Jack10209352581
09/29/2016Coho Adult24109106841
09/29/2016Coho Jack214252
09/29/2016Sockeye Adult12359200310327
09/29/2016Steelhead Adult11744721085829