Ownership of three hydroelectric projects provides Chelan County PUD with the ability to generate clean, renewable hydropower for generations to come.

More than a half-century ago, public power leaders saw the opportunities inherent in local control of the powerful resource. They also took on the responsibility of stewardship for the waters that nurture Chelan County's fish, wildlife and natural beauty.

Two of the District's hydro projects, Rocky Reach and Rock Island, are part of an 11-dam network on the U.S. portion of the Columbia River. The Columbia, with headwaters in Canada, is fueled by the fourth-largest drainage system in North America.

The District's third hydro project, Lake Chelan, empties into the Columbia River and serves multiple purposes including generating power, regulating the level of 50-mile-long Lake Chelan and enhancing recreation on what is the third-deepest body of fresh water in North America.


The powerhouse for the Lake Chelan Hydroelectric Project houses two generators with a nameplate generating capacity of 59 MW. The first power was produced in 1927.