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Chelan County is home to world-class, ultra-fast fiber optic internet. Chelan County PUD has laid this high-tech infrastructure throughout most communities, allowing you to enjoy life at the speed of fiber — which means a more reliable connection and faster connections to entertainment and work. We can help direct you to several Internet Service Providers to choose from who can help you get connected to fiber.

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Bringing fiber optic internet to your home or business is easy. We’ll guide you through the process of ensuring that there is service in your area and help you find the Internet Service Provider that best fits your needs.

Check Availability

Let’s make sure that fiber optic internet is available at your home or place of business. Please enter your address and city below.

Pick a Service Provider

While Chelan County PUD laid the fiber optic infrastructure, we do not provide the actual internet service. You’ll need to connect with an Internet Service Provider. Below you’ll find a list of providers with their contact information. Find the one that offers the services you need, and they’ll help you get connected to set up your service, billing and provide maintenance as needed.






Service Provider


Services Provided

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iFiber Communications
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LocalTel & NWInternet
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Native Network


NCI DataCom 509-826-0300

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