South Lakeshore Road - Fiber network expansion

We're expanding the PUD's fiber network to the South Lakeshore area of Chelan

Did you receive an easement letter?

We are in the Preconstruction Phase of a project to extend fiber service between Lake Chelan Yacht Club, north to the end of the line at 25 Mile Creek. PUD staff is currently reviewing property rights, including easements.

  • If the PUD needs additional property rights before construction, you will receive a letter requesting an easement across your property.

  • Please sign and return the easement promptly, this will allow us to bring fiber to the area.

  • If you have specific questions about easements, please email or call 509-661-4220.

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  • Before we can extend fiber cable to the area, we must first upgrade the electrical system (poles, wires, and other equipment). Significant work, including property rights and permitting, is sometimes needed to upgrade the electrical system to bring them up to current standards before fiber cables can be added. These upgrades not only prepare the system for fiber cables, they will also improve electrical reliability in the area.
  • It takes a lot of planning and coordination to extend the fiber network and serve individual homes and businesses. These projects are multi-phase and take multiple years. If you chose to apply for fiber service and your property is eligible, please know it will take some time between submitting your application and having fiber service at your home or business.
  • The PUD’s Fiber team will let you know when you can start applying for service with your chosen service provider. For more information on fiber service and a list of service providers, please visit the PUD’s Fiber webpage.
FDT Web Map_Graphic

The area from the Yacht Club south to just before the intersection with Navarre Coulee Road (see map to the right) is currently in the 3-5 year plan for fiber expansion. We will begin engaging stakeholders in FDT 152 and 153 once we reach the Preconstruction Phase for this area.

FDT 152-153_Web Map


Please email or call 509-661-4563.

Anticipated Timeline

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How the PUD expands the Fiber network