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A scenic picture of Stehekin.

Welcome to the Stehekin Energy and Demand Online Open House!

The electrical system in the Stehekin Valley is unique. A small hydroelectric plant generates power that is distributed via a micro-grid, independent of Chelan PUD’s larger electrical system. Electricity use in the Stehekin Valley is growing, straining the limited capacity of the PUD’s hydroelectric plant. Currently, estimated load growth is expected to outpace current energy supply between 2021 and 2027.

Since 2018, Chelan County PUD has worked with the Stehekin community to understand and anticipate future growth, identify opportunities for energy conservation and develop long-term solutions to address capacity issues.

About this Online Open House

This Online Open House includes background information about the challenges we face with energy demand and capacity in the Stehekin Valley. If you've been following this topic, some of this information may look familiar, although we continue to collect more data and update our projections.

In the Spring of 2020, staff completed a Draft Generation and Energy Resource Plan for Stehekin. This Plan includes proposed solutions to meet the energy needs in Stehekin now and into the future. This Online Open House provides an overview of these solutions.

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We Want Your Feedback!

After visiting the Online Open House, please visit our Comment page and leave us your feedback, suggestions or questions about the Draft Peak Generation and Energy Resource Plan for Stehekin.

Picture of Stehekin pen stock.
The penstock/pipeline intake for the Stehekin Power Plant on Company Creek.