Proposed Solutions

Technical and Policy Solutions

The Peak Generation and Energy Resource Plan outlines the demand-side measures and generating resource options that can be used to meet the projected shortfalls between the PUD’s existing generating capacity and future load growth in Stehekin. You can read the full document here, but we have summarized some key proposed solutions on this page.

There are limited technical solutions available to support increased loads in Stehekin. As a result, rate and policy actions may also be needed to keep electrical loads from exceeding capacity.

The plan recommends the following measures be implemented in 2020 and 2021:

  1. Pursue all cost-effective energy efficiency improvements.
  2. Purchase and install a battery energy storage system that would operate in parallel with the existing hydro/diesel plant. The battery system would store excess hydro generation and then use that extra power to meet the peak power needs of the community. See more details on the next tab.
  3. Review electric service policies to address how to deal with new service requests.
  4. Conduct a rate study and contemplate new rates that encourage energy efficiency and limit peak loads on the system.
  5. Implement a communication plan that explains to customers the power generation limitations and what customers can do to stay within those limitations, while also minimizing their power costs.
  6. Assess how an automatic meter reading system can help to clearly identify opportunities for reducing off-peak energy use.

Energy Supply Curve and Proposed Solutions

Energy curve with proposed solutions in Stehekin.
Proposed Solutions for Stehekin