Proposed Solutions

Solutions for the Near-Term

We recommend several ways to help keep peak demand from exceeding the amount of power that Stehekin’s system can generate. These recommendations are summarized below and detailed in the Peak Generation and Energy Resource Plan.

For 2020 and 2021, we recommend:

  • Energy Efficiency: Use ways to reduce energy use that are cost-effective

  • Explore Battery Options: Find options for a battery energy storage system

  • Review New Services Policy: Review how to best deal with new service requests

  • Review Rates: Consider new rates that urge energy efficiency and limit peak demand

  • Community Collaboration: See what Stehekin customers can do to stay within power generation limits, while also keeping their power costs low

  • Assess Smart Meters: Figure out if an automatic meter reading system could help pinpoint ways to reduce power use

Energy Supply Curve and Proposed Solutions

The below proposed solutions will help meet energy demand in Stehekin over time. The higher the load growth, the more solutions will be necessary to continue to meet demand.

The solutions are proposed to be implemented generally in the order of lower cost to higher cost solutions, while also taking into account complexity, feasibility of implementation, and value. For more cost details, please see the Draft Peak Generation and Energy Resource Plan for Stehekin (pages 16 - 18).

Energy curve with proposed solutions in Stehekin.
Proposed Solutions for Stehekin