Stehekin Energy Demand

What's Happening Now


Stop by the Bakery Gazebo in Stehekin on Tuesday, Aug. 30 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. PUD staff will be on hand to answer questions and collect feedback.

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We heard support from Stehekin residents on installation of battery energy storage systems for the hydro plant, which would run in parallel with the plant’s existing hydro and diesel generators. While batteries were a promising option, estimates now show costs are about $1M, which is 3-4 times above what was anticipated.


  • A propane generator to support they hydro
  • Replace existing large diesel generator with a unit that can be used to meet load growth while meeting current permitting requirements
  • Remote electric water heater controls as allowed in PUD rate agreements


Soon, electricity needs of the Stehekin community will outgrow the small hydro plant that generates power for the valley. We now expect this to happen somewhere between 2024 and 2026, depending on the rate of load growth. We’ve been working with the Stehekin community to better understand and solve this problem.


After PUD staff completed the Draft Generation and Energy Plan for Stehekin in 2020, we sought your feedback on the plan through an online open house . The plan included proposed solutions to meet the energy needs in Stehekin now and into the future. We received some great feedback from residential and commercial customers in Stehekin. Click HERE see a full summary of the comments.


Other ways you can help manage energy use in the Stehekin Valley:

  • Replace incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs
  • Visit or call PUD Energy Efficiency Adviser, Josh Mitchell at (509) 661-4380 for recommendations on energy savings and rebates
  • Share energy conservation tips with guests or renters on your property
  • Contact the PUD early if you are considering adding additional electrical services in Stehekin

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Graphic of energy conservation tips for Stehekin

More Electricity Use, Same Generation

The electrical system in the Stehekin Valley is unique. A single small hydro plant generates power for the community. This electrical system is completely independent from the rest of the county. This means that the community is limited to the amount of power generated locally.

Trying to use more power than is available can disrupt the whole community power system. All of us want to make sure that this doesn’t happen in the Stehekin Valley.

Graphic of power generation system in Stehekin