Coyote Dunes Natural Area

Graphic of new recreation/natural area

The proposed Coyote Dunes Natural Area, along the Columbia River, just south of the Odabashian Bridge, will be publicly held as a recreation/conservation area in perpetuity. The riverfront beach area is not a part of the natural recreation area. The beach is owned and managed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Chelan PUD is working with Douglas County, the Port of Douglas County, the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust and DNR on the proposed "natural area," which will remain primitive. There will be a meandering trail through the area with access to the beach area. In addition, some signs and a small restroom will be installed.

Natural Area FAQ's

  • What is the natural recreation area?
  • How will the natural recreation area be managed?
  • What will the natural area look like?
  • How much land does the natural recreation area contain?
  • Is Chelan PUD’s Natural Recreation Area associated with the Douglas County North End Master Site Plan?
  • Will Chelan PUD own the beach?
  • What is the plan for naming the natural area?
  • Does Chelan PUD have plans for more parking?
  • Will hunting be allowed in the natural area?
  • I’ve heard there will be a conservation easement. What does that mean?
  • Will the trail and restroom be open year-round?
  • What is the timing for construction of the new trail and restroom?
  • How is this natural recreation area associated with Rock Island Dam?
  • Are there formal steps the Chelan PUD must take associated with the Rock Island License?
  • How will the trails connect to the Loop Trail route?
  • What will the new trail be made of?
  • Will the trail be ADA accessible?
  • Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns related to Chelan PUD’s natural recreation area?

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