Apple Capital Loop Trail


While our trails remain open, Chelan County PUD encourages our community to follow safe social distancing. 

6 Feet. Stay at least this far from others. Keep it as you walk, play, bike or hike.

Hygiene. Wash your hands and carry sanitizer when heading to the trails. Do not use parks or trails if you have symptoms.

Portable Toilets
. For urgent use only. Restrooms are closed.

Plan Ahead. Bring your own water and snacks. Don't use public water fountains.

Trail history

The idea of shoreline trails along the Columbia River has been a dream shared by many in our community for decades.

When Chelan County PUD completed the five-mile trail system along the Wenatchee riverfront in 1990, our valley came alive with a new focus and appreciation for the river. The parks and trails have added much to our quality of living.

The Douglas County side of the trail was opened in October 1994, completing the 10-mile Apple Capital Loop Trail, the longest loop trail in Washington State. The west side of the trail features a state-of-the-art urban waterfront park system, complemented by the rich diversity of natural habitat offered by the east-side trail.

Multiple use

Since completion in 1994, the Loop Trail has become a major transportation corridor that serves thousands of commuter and recreational trail users each year. The trail can at times be busy with cyclists, walkers, joggers, and skaters. In the winter months, cross-country skiers and snowshoers also share the trail.

Regardless of your trail activities, your trip will be safer and more enjoyable for all if you observe trail etiquette.

Loop Trail Advisory Committee

The Loop Trail Advisory Committee (Loop T.A.C.) was formed to allow the independent managing agencies to manage the Loop Trail cooperatively and consistently. All managing agencies are represented through the Loop T.A.C., which also includes representatives from local law enforcement agencies, the Wenatchee Reclamation District, two “Special Interest Organization” representatives and two “Special Perspective/Trail User at Large” representatives.

The Loop Trail currently involves six managing agencies. For more information regarding the Loop Trail you may contact the following:

Chelan County PUD
(509) 661-4551

Eastmont Metropolitan Parks & Recreation
(509) 884-8015

City of East Wenatchee
(509) 884-9515

Washington State Parks - Eastern Region office
(509) 665-4319

Washington State Department of Transportation
(509) 667-2910

City of Wenatchee Parks and Recreation
(509) 888-3284