Stehekin Energy Demand


The electrical system in the Stehekin Valley is unique. A small hydroelectric plant generates power that is distributed via a micro-grid, independent of Chelan PUD’s larger electrical system. As a result, the capacity for electrical generation is limited. Electricity use in the Stehekin Valley is growing, straining the capacity of the PUD’s hydroelectric plant.

When customer demand for energy exceeds the capacity of the PUD’s hydroelectric generator, diesel generators must make up the difference. This increases fuel and maintenance costs, as well as environmental impacts.  If this trend continues, it could eventually lead to higher electric rates.


The PUD will be looking for potential energy-efficiency and load-shifting opportunities to reduce both the overall energy consumption and peak loads at the hydroelectric plant. 

Some of the things we will be looking at include:

  • Incentives to help customers upgrade space heating systems, water heating and appliances
  • Opportunities to use wood heat or propane to reduce electricity use
  • Water heater or pump controls to shift loads away from peak demand times of the day
  • Low- or no-cost ways to reduce electricity use or shift loads away from peak hours (such as encouraging washing clothes after 7 p.m.)
  • Possible battery storage at the home or business to reduce peak loads and provide back-up power during short-term power outages
  • Exploring alternative energy sources such as solar
All of these opportunities could help the PUD manage the load, reduce your monthly electric bill and continue to provide clean, affordable electricity to Stehekin.

Graphic describing power generation in Stehekin and impact of demand on generation

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